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Window Cleaning Robot
Window Cleaning Robot
Want to Sell: Window Cleaning Robot
Price : USD 210 / Pieces
MOQ: 5 Pieces
Shipping Terms: FOB
Supply Time: 4 -7 Days International delivery
Category: Home Appliances
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The ECOVACS Winbot X Window Cleaning Robot brings you cordless freedom for cleaning windows throughout your home or business. Multiple safety measures, such as the powerful suction fan system and edge detection sensors are incorporated in the design of this robot for effective and safe operation.

It is also equipped with a unique extra safety tether system that constantly monitors the robot by means of a 2.4 GHz connection to it. Should any one of these fail, or the robot appears to risk falling, the safety pod will draw it back towards itself by retracting the 8.2 foot tether, actively protecting the robot.

Smart, Systematic Cleaning
The advanced suction fan technology does more than keep Winbot X securely attached to the window, but also produces a firmer wiping action for the cleaning pad resulting in windows that sparkle. A 4-stage process uses the cleaning pad and squeegees to focus on the area directly beneath the robot while corner rollers allow it to change direction and move evenly across the window. Winbot automatically chooses the smartest cleaning path, taking a ā€œZā€ or ā€œNā€ pattern so that every inch of the window is covered. You can also select the Deep Cleaning mode and it will go over the same area twice using both cleaning patterns for a completely clean window.

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