Bright R Right International

Maharashtra, India

Company Description

All types of Shirting Fabric.

Our company Bright R Right International is a merchant exporter (Recognized by Government of India). And it will started in the year 2021 with a vision to provide world class fabric to global customers at a very effective price. The company is initiate by a team of professionals who has an experience of textile. Constant innovation and sincere favor of each and every team member to meet the highest standard of quality material is very unique to the company. We will provide a very good quality of shirting fabric, they are best on every ground, such as stability, color combination etc. Our product varieties are such as Cotton, Cotton Satin, Cotton print, plain shirt, Yarn Dyed, Cotton/Polyester Twill Check Shirting Fabrics, etc. We have provided customers from various ends of the country and have hired best professionals to get the production and delivered process. Thus, every fabric, color and texture is based on superior quality. 

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  • Exporter
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Register Date : 03 May 2021
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Company Name : Bright R Right International
Business Type :
  • Exporter
  • Trading
Phone : +91 8766788546
Zip Code: 421302
Register Address: 580, Gauripada Dargah Road,
Main Product: Fabric

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