Electronic Component Parts

Location : Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Contact Person : Mr. JIMMY LIU (+86 13651408874)
Business Type : Exporter Manufacturer

Shenzhen KingBest Hardware Electronics Co.,Ltd established in 2013, and located in Shenzhen, major manufacturing center in southern China’s Guangdong province.We are professional manufacturer of Standoff insulator, Bus Bar, Battery Terminal Connector, and Battery Pack Housing for Lithium Battery, EV cars, or Energy Storage Syste...

Location : Elkton, Maryland, United States
Contact Person : Mr. Lagpat (+1 9173000489)
Business Type : Exporter Manufacturer

Lagpat has been in Spain and Europe for over 20 years, the experience would enable us to innovate with the means to extract more reusable materials for further usage, and market the recycled items globally.Global Services: focusing on logistics, the repair and distribution operations. Business solutions: in our services for the...

Location : Ningguo, Anhui, China
Contact Person : Ms. Amy Lee (+86 13305621869)
Business Type : Exporter Trading Manufacturer

AnHui Safe electronics CO.,LTD is specialized in manufacturing metallized film of capacitor and Metallized film capacitor since 2007. Products: Various of AC motor capacitor , as CBB65, CBB61, CBB60 Capacitor Grade Metallized Film DC-link Capacitor(Photovoltaic wind power cylinder) CBB15/ CBB16 Wel...

Location : Dali, Taichung, Taiwan
Contact Person : Ms. Gardenia Tung (+886 426985666)
Business Type : Exporter Manufacturer

Sun Yeh Electrical Ind. Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. Since that moment it has been adhering to understand customer demand and expectations. Based on this principle, OM series quarter turn electric control valve actuator, spring return fail-safe series valve actuator, and linear series electric actuators have been developed. S...

Location : Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Contact Person : Mr. Danny (+86 75521032448)
Business Type : Exporter Trading Manufacturer

Our company mainly sell wired mouse IC,wireless mouse IC,wired keyboard IC,wireless keyboard PCBA,wireless mouse RF module,wireless mouse RF module and wireless keyboard combo set,LED,encoder,micro switch and so on.The detail is below:Wired mouse IC: MX8733B,FH8832A,V101S,V101,V102,KA2.Wireless mouse IC:V108,KA8,MX8650A,FH8811,M...

Location : Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China
Contact Person : Mr. Fonda Soong (+86 57582835989)
Business Type : Exporter Manufacturer

Shaoxing Green Electric Co., Ltd.(Jintao Electron Co., Ltd.& Jinting Unclear Cable Co., Ltd.) is a main chinese producer of power cord,power supply cord,power cable, cordset,power strips,electric wire,rubber cable,pvc cable,plug,plug insert,connector,wiring,cable accessories etc.,our products are international standards complian...

Location : Los Angeles, California, United States
Contact Person : Mr. Aron Mike (+1 18005851519)
Business Type : Exporter Manufacturer

ATO, Automation Technologies Online, founded in 2009, is mainly engaged in vfd, brushless motors, power supplies, sensors. The main business covers: electronic components, electronic circuit, module development, production and trade; technical consulting, technical services, electronic equipment and instruments; self business a...

Location : Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Contact Person : Mr. Mohammad Kamruzzaman (+880 1681234568)
Business Type : Trading

We are one of the reliable and fastest growing diversified business houses in Bangladesh. We are involved with national wide trading having strong distribution network.We import and supply quality electrical goods such as switch socket, LED light, lamp accessories, capacitor, circuit breaker, voltage protector, ball bearing etc....

Location : Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Contact Person : Ms. Nancy zhang (+86 82727366)
Business Type : Exporter Manufacturer

Jiangsu Yutai Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional semiconductor enterprise which specializes in R & D , production of diodes and bridge rectifiers. The factory covers 24 acres, 12000? construction area and employs a total of 300 workers. The annual sale and production is about 5 billion peices. Company  introduced a full set...

Location : Shenzhen, Guangdong Sheng, China
Contact Person : Mr. Ethan Lin (+86 75589239407)
Business Type : Exporter Manufacturer

Our CompanySHENZHEN BESKCO TECHNOLOGY is not only a professional manufacturer of fiber optical passive components, optical active components and fiber optical accessories, but also a technical fiber networking provider. Being in the fiber optical industry for more than 10 years,successively certificated by ISO 9001:2000,UL, CQC....

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