How to find products, suppliers, tread lades & companies

  • Step - 01


    Start typing in the search bar. This search function is allow to search product, tread leads & companies separately. You can find the search bar in the right bottom side of the landing page. Also you can find top of the each page. In the search bar you get a dropdown list of search item (product, suppliers, tread lades and companies). Here you have to choose your search item and then type the keyword in the search field then enter. Now you get your desired thing.

    ****We recommend that the “Search option” is best & easy way to find something in bizbangladesh.

  • Step - 02

    Visiting by category

    This is another way to get your desired thing. Under the landing page your get a large categories section. Here you get all the main categories which are belong Form this categories choose yours then click it, now you get all the sub-categories under the categories. Hopefully you can find desired sub-categories here.

How To Get Quotation From Supplier

  • Step - 01

    For specifics supplier

    It just a matter of click to get a quotation form specifics suppliers. First you find & select you product from our vast product category, then click the inquiry button at bottom of the product card. After click a popup inquiry form appear. Then fill all the field and select the proper subject line form dropdown list. Give some message to suppliers if you needed. Then click send button. That’s it, now you get the quotation ASAP form supplier.

  • Step - 02

    For multiple suppliers

    It’s very easy to get quotation from multiple suppliers for a product. Just post a buy request by fill up a requirement form which is displayed in home page under the Importer/Exporter section. Your post will be shown our b2b trade zone. It can go to the relevant suppliers or manufacturer. After that you get the quotation ASAP form relevant multiple suppliers

How Can Post Buy Requirement or Offers?

  • Step - 01

    Form the user panel

    This is the best way to post a buy requirement. Form user panel you can post with image and details specification. That will help supplier to give more perfect quotation.

    You can get “Post by requirement” option in the user panel dropdown list. Also get that left panel at “Buyer zone”

    *** We recommend this option to post buy requirements.

  • Step - 02

    Fill requirement form

    You can post easily by fill out an inquiry form. The inquiry form displayed at home page, B2B tread page & product page. So write and post requirement here. It will be shown our b2b trade zone.

How To Setup Tread Alert ?

  • Step - 01

    Press the trade alert button

    Left bar of the user panel has an option “manage trade alert”. Also you can get this option in the profile dropdown list at top of the each page if you are logged in situation otherwise you cannot see the profile dropdown list and user panel.

  • Step - 02

    Set trade alert

    After press the manage trade alert button. A trade alert setup page appear in your computer screen. In this page you see

    Keyword: Here put your keyword. Based on you necessity

    Frequency: Check any one weekly or monthly

    Alert type: Check alert type, what you want ** you can choose all options form here

How To Communicate With Seller ?

  • Step - 01

    From product card

    You can direct communicate with seller via inquiry button in product cards. Each product card contain a green inquiry button. Click this button, a popup form appear in front of you. Fill that form and choose “Request for information

  • Step - 02

    From company contact form

    Also you can communicate with seller via each company contact form. Which is located at company details page. “Company details page” can be found on top right side of “Product details page”. Where is displayed a company phone number & a details link. Then go to company page by pressing the “Company details” link.