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2-inch Thermal Print Mechanism

2-inch Thermal Print Mechanism

2-inch Thermal Print Mechanism

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1.tph from japan\n2.compatible with sii ltp1245 print mechanism\n\nspecifications \n1. printing method: thermal dot line printing\n2. paper width: 58 mm\n3. printing width: 48 mm\n4. resolution: 8 dots/mm\n5. driver: stepping motor (4.2~8.5vdc 2phase bipolar),0.063mm per step\n6. printing dots of per line:384dots \n7. dot pitch: 0.125 mm\n8. dot size: 0.125mmx0.12mm\n9. printing speed: max62.5mm/s(motor voltage at 8.5vdc)\n10. printing life 50km\n11. thermal head temperature detection via thermistor\n12. paper detection via photo interrupter \n13. head working voltage 4.2~8.5vdc\n14. logic voltage 4.5~5.5vdc\n15. motor voltage 4.2~8.5vdc\n16. operating temperature:0~50\n17. operating humidity 20%~85%rh\n18. operating machine noise: 60db(max)\n19. gross weight: 45g\n20. outline dimension (dxwxh)81.5mmx39.5mmx16mm\ncompatibility: sii ltp1245 print mechanism.


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