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Electric Motor

Electric Motor

Electric Motor

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1,good cooling effect\n2,high start torque\n3,low start current\n4,low noise and vibration\n5,constrution is compact \n6,temperature rise is low\n7,long hours vpi treatment\n8,stator coil is wrapped by 3 layers insulation structure\n\n9, the end of stator coil applied the reshape fixing device to defend the coil deformation. \n\n10, the voltage can be designed to 380,440,415,660,380/660.1140v,3kv,6kv,10kv,\n11,power is ranged from 0.75-10000kw,\n12, frame size is ranged from 80-1000mm\n13,the optimal gap match is processed between of the stator and rotor\n


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