Dr Pallavi Kwatra

Delhi, India

Company Profile / Description

Dr. Pallavi Kwatra is an Anesthesiologist & Critical care expert by profession. Along with this, she trained herself in alternative modes of healing and experimented deeply with many spiritual technologies. Her passion for reading is vast and expanded her horizons further.Writing is a form of self-healing for her.

Through her deep experiences with life and her near encounter with death, she is a carpenter of the soul and offers herself as service to this world which she belongs to. Her writings offer a glimpse into the many facades of the human heart. Sometimes, electric, Sometimes soothing, the range of the works make her writings a versatile and dynamic portfolio which cannot be bracketed into a single type.

From erotic poetry to spiritual awakenings, she lays before the audience a bait to reconcile with their own selves in a new and open way. Engaged, yet detached from any specific idea or belief system, the words soar ever upwards, free unto the open sky. Beckon your inner voice through these writings and discover the secrets held trapped in the closet of your own soul.

Company Information

Company Name: Dr Pallavi Kwatra
Business Category: Paper, Printing & Packaging
Location: Rajouri Garden, Delhi - 110027 , Delhi, India.
Year Established: 2017
Business Type: Exporter
Number of Employee: 1-5
Accepted Payment Type: Credit Card PayPal
Target Zone: Asia