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Selling Icumsa 45 Sugar

Selling Icumsa 45 Sugar
Want to sell: Selling Icumsa 45 Sugar
Price: USD 290 / Metric Tons
MOQ: 12500 Metric Tons
Origin: Brazil
Category: Agro & Agriculture
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We offer from our End Supplier Icumsa 45 Sugar from Brazil icumsa 45 Sugar contract x12 months CIF PRICES 12.500 MT. 290 usd 50.000 MT. 280 usd 100.000 MT. 270 usd 200.000 MT. 260 usd 300.000 MT. 250 usd 400.000 MT. 240 usd 600.000 MT. 230 usd if it is spot purchase, a single shipment is more expensive, it is 30 usd more expensive Procedure The buyer issues an official ICPO with proof of funds and send me • Seller issue SPA and send to Buyer that sign and send to Seller by mail • Seller issues to Buyer the Commercial Invoice (CI) for the available quantity • Buyer Signs and returns the Commercial Invoice to seller •

Seller signs NCNDA/IMFPA to intermediaries • Buyer issue RWA that is ready to issue SBLC, then send MT799 pre advice andMT760 • Seller’s Bank after receipt do verify of SBLC confirmation • Seller prepare the product for delivery and send to Buyer all shipping documents and BL and all needed for safety delivery • Buyer and Seller representative with SGS inspector verify the goods after satisfies verification of the goods the buyer send payment of the goods through MT103 TT • After receipt of the TT MT103 the seller release the certificate of ownership to the buyer • This FCO and all following Contract are under ICC Paris Rule

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