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Punjab, Pakistan

Customized Cooling Tower

Customized Cooling Tower
Want to sell: Customized Cooling Tower
Price: PKR 130000000 / Nos
MOQ: 1 Nos
Origin: Pakistan
Category: Business Services
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FCI has been designing and manufacturing cooling towers made of FRP, cement, and steel for more than 2 decades. During this period, FCI has established its reputation as a credible professional cooling tower fabricator for the industrial market.

FCI specializes in customizing cooling towers and scrubbers to meet project needs, tailoring the right solution to meet the specific requirements of our customers. FCI produces a different type of cooling tower such as Concrete Cement Cooling Towers, Pultruded fiberglass field-erected cooling towers, Packaged counter flow cooling towers made of FRP, Modular cooling towers made of galvanized steel, Packaged FRP cross flow cooling towers, FRP factory-made counterflow cooling towers, Packaged cooling towers integrated with complementary sub-systems, FRP degasifiers & Scrubbers.

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