Happy L&b Cosmetics

Gyeonggi-do, Korea South

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Leading Korean cosmetics manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter, OEM, ODM, Private label, Contract manufacturing. 

All living organisms are originated from the nature and it have high recovery rate.

Our physical body is a minimized version of the nature.

As we live, our cells continuously get damaged, there are many factors that destroy our cells, however, we build protections by self-healing capablilities and immune functions.

Happy L&B is using the power of nature and modern techniques to produce medical products that enhance self-healing capabilities.

Happy L&B's another dream is to make people more beautiful.

Not only beauty, but health is also another factor that the company is giving price of, and hope.

With that hope we have, Happy L&B will continuosly chanllenge for the best.

Happy L&B's empolyees will give their best to offer beauty and health, and this promise will always be kept.

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Business Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Register Date : 19 Mar 2021
Basic Information
Company Name : Happy L&b Cosmetics
Business Type :
  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
Phone : +82 01096572238
Zip Code: 17405
Register Address: Icheon Si
Main Product: Skincare, Cosmetics

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