Classification of aluminum foil
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According to the processing state, the aluminum foil can be divided into flat aluminum foil, embossed aluminum foil, composite aluminum foil, coated aluminum foil, colored aluminum foil and printed aluminum foil.

1 ordinary aluminum foil: no other processed aluminum foil, also called light foil, after rolling.
2 embossed aluminum foil: aluminum foil with various patterns on the surface.
3 composite aluminum foil: aluminum foil and paper, plastic film and cardboard are combined to form a composite aluminum foil.
4 coated aluminum foil: aluminum foil surface coated with various resins or lacquers.
5 color aluminum foil: the surface of the aluminum foil is painted with a single color.
6 printing aluminum foil: aluminum foil by printing on the surface to form a variety of decorative patterns, patterns, text or picture, can be a color, up to 12 colors.
The soft aluminum foil can be further pressed into four layers of foil for high-end decoration.

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