Container foil dealing with white pollution
Container foil dealing with white pollution
Want to Sell: Container foil dealing with white pollution
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Container foil instead of plastic, dealing with white pollution
Plastic containers not only cause harm to human health, but also cause greater pollution to the environment.
When people use plastic tableware to hold hot food or boiling water at temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius, the toxic substances contained in the tableware are easily immersed in food. In addition to causing harm to the human body, plastic containers have also caused greater damage to the environment. It is a potential hazard to the ecological environment because it is difficult to degrade.

Replace the plastic material with the container foil manufacturer's container aluminum foil
Container foil manufacturer container aluminum foil products are light weight, meet the national food hygiene standards, easy to recycle, no harmful substances in the process, and do not pollute renewable resources, etc. These advantages make container foil manufacturers aluminum foil containers become the first choice for replacing plastic containers. . In addition, the most important feature of the container foil manufacturer's aluminum foil container is that the recycling rate is high, which has a very positive significance for saving resources and reducing environmental pollution.

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