Acetonitrile, Methanol & Water HPLC Grade
Acetonitrile, Methanol & Water HPLC Grade
Want to Sell: Acetonitrile, Methanol & Water HPLC Grade
Price : USD 10 / Litre (Negotiable)
MOQ: 1400 Litres
Shipping Terms: EX-Works
Packing Terms: 1 L, 2.5 L & 4 L
Supply Time: On the basis of order quantity lead time will be shared.
Category: Chemicals
Offer Details

We are a bulk manufacturer & exporter of following 3 Laboratory Chemicals and we also offer OEM Service. 

1) HP0004 Acetonitrile for HPLC & Spectroscopy

2) HP0201 Methanol For HPLC

3) HP0351 Water for HPLC & Spectrscopy

Special & very competitive rate will be offered for BULK Quantity.

We already exporting in Dubai, Qatar, South Africa, Kenya, South West Europe, Egypt, Saudi Arabia & Kazakhstan.

We welcome for Dealer/Distributor also to market our product.

Minimum 500 MOQ

Acetonitrile for HPLC & Spectroscopy Minimum assay (GC) 99.9%
Methanol For HPLC Minimum Assay (GC) 99.8%
Water for HPLC & Spectroscopy Maximum Absorption at : 200 nm 0.01 254 nm 0.01
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