PET series Polyester Pleated Filter Cartridges
PET series Polyester Pleated Filter Cartridges
Want to Sell: PET series Polyester Pleated Filter Cartridges
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PET pleated cartridges are produced using 100% synthetic fibers, which are free of binders or adhesives, exhibit highly effective retention efficiency, also are washable and reusable commodiously. Polyester pleated filter cartridges also called water replacement filters, the pleated design increased surface area and extends service life, makes PET pleated cartridges to be one of the most economic options in water treatment.

1. Excellent compatibility with a wide range of chemicals and sanitizing agents
2. Fewer change outs and easy to washed and reuse, less maintenance are required
3. Available in a lot of lengths to meet different demands and equipment requirements
4. Plastisol (PVC) end caps/gaskets offer positive seal, large surface filtration area with high flow rate
5. Polypropylene outer netting strengthens resistance to pressure, prolong the service life of PET pleated cartridges

2.Pre RO/DI
4.Drinking Water
5.Food & Beverage
6.Industrial Water & Plating
7.Chemicals & Organic Solvents
8.Chemicals & Organic Solvents

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