Hvac Insulation Supplies Co. ltd

Guangdong Sheng, China

Company Profile / Description

HAVC Insulation supplies Co.,Ltd in Shenzhen, China has many years of combined experience in the insulation fastener manufacturing industry, we have the intelligence and proficiency to accommodate all of your insulation fasteners needs, in addition, we have the knowledge to solve all of your application issue, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

HVAC insulation supplies co., Ltd manufacture the CD weld pins, Cup head weld pins, duct liner weld pins, perforated base insulation hangers, self adhesive stick insulation hangers, lacing anchors, quilting pins, lacing hooks, lacing washers, D rings, O rings etc. We will manufacture more insulation fasteners for our insulation industry.

All of our insulation fasteners are manufactured with keen attention to detail and quality, precise and superb production craftsmanship are at the forefront of our processes, this is why we are able to cooperate with many well-known oversea companies. 

Company Information

Company Name: Hvac Insulation Supplies Co. ltd
Business Category: Tools & Hardware
Location: B1321, KOHO Center, Pingxin North Road, Pinghu Town , Guangdong Sheng, China.
Year Established: 2010
Business Type: Exporter
Number of Employee: 11-50
After Sales Services and Supports: we always provide the offers after sales.
Quality Control Policy : ISO9001:2008
Accepted Payment Type: T/T
Delivery Terms: FOB CFR CIF EXW Express Delivery
Main Product: Insulation pins, lacing anchors, Lacing hooks, Quilting pins, speed washers, stick pins.
Target Zone: North America

Factory Information

Factory Name Address Contact Person Phone Number Details Image
HVAC INSULATION SUPPLIES CO.,LTD Block 3, Donglian village, Jinsha, Nanhai, Foshan City Daniel Ye +86 18028794341 4 production line with 15 worker.
HVAC Insulation Supplies Co Block 3, Donglian, Jin sha, Nanhai, Foshan Daniel Ye +86 18028794341 4 production lines with 11 workers
FOSHAN HVAC Insulation Supplies Block 3, Jinsha, Nanhai, Foshan. Daniel +86 18028794341 10 machines with 11 workers