Featured Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Featured Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
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Infinium Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd. (GMP Compliant, FDA Approved & ISO 9001:2015 Certified CO.) was incorporated in the year 2003. We are well focused on Iodine chemistry & this is the only core area of ours. Hence, we are working as CRAMS, but our domain is very restricted to Iodine chemistry & it revolves around Iodine based molecules / APIs / Iodination reaction based bulk drugs. It is also reflected in our Product List. We manufacture & supply range of Iodine based APIs, but on Order to Made basis only. However, we keep in ready stock many of well-demanded products.

We offer Bulk Actives, Intermediates and services for Custom Synthesis providing an integrated solution for the diverse requirements of generic and innovator companies in Iodine Chemistry. Every year, we research, develop & supply a large number of Iodinated products/APIs / Intermediates based on technology developed at our R&D centre. We manufacture APIs currently in our plant located in India. This manufacturing site is designed, developed, operated & maintained as per WHO – GMP norms & compliances. We ensure that all APIs, drug products and processes developed for various global markets comply with applicable IP laws.

You are always welcome with the demand of any new iodine based molecules / APIs. We can develop and supply the same specifically / strictly as per your requirement and final application. We are even ready to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for development of new APIs.

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