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Skimmed MIlk Powder

Skimmed MIlk Powder
Want to Sell: Skimmed MIlk Powder
Quantity: Min 25 tons
Sample Available: YES
Packing Terms: 25 kg
Payment Type: LC/AT SIGHT
Supply Time: 30-45 days, CIF, Chittagong
Category: Food & Beverage


Offer Details

Skimmed Milk Powder, Protein Level 34% min,

ALL types HH,MH,LH

1800 USD/MT,CIF, Bangladesh

Taste, flavor: typical for fresh skimmed or full cream pasteurized milk, no off-odors or off-flavors, hint and odor of boiled milk are allowed
Texture: fine, free flowing powder,consisting from single and agglomerated particles of dry milk, a few lumps easily destroyed mechanically are allowed
Color: white to slightly cream
Physical and chemical characteristics
Moisture, %: max. 5,0
Fat, %: max. 1,5
Protein, %: min. 34
Lactose, %: -
Ash, %: -
pH: -
Solublity index, sm³: max. 0,2
Titratable acidity, Т°: max. 21
Scorched particles: А (disk I)
Microbiological characteristics
TVC, cfu/g: max. 50 000
Coliforms 0,1 g: negative
S.aureus 1 g : negative
Pathogens (incl. salmonella) 25/g: negative
Mould, cfu/g: -
Yeast, cfu/g: -
Klostrodii /g: -
Other characteristics
Shelf life: from 3 to 24 months date of manufacture, depending on storage conditions
Packaging: multiple 20-25 kg paper bags with inner polyethylene liner bags

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Skimmed MIlk Powder