Cat Heui Injectors 4W7018 For Caterpillar C7 Injector Replacement
Cat Heui Injectors 4W7018 For Caterpillar C7 Injector Replacement
Want to Sell: Cat Heui Injectors 4W7018 For Caterpillar C7 Injector Replacement
Price : USD 25 / Piece
MOQ: 12 Pieces
Shipping Terms: EX-Works
Packing Terms: neutral packing
Supply Time: 3-5 work days for available items
Category: Automotive & Automobile
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Cat Heui Injectors 4W7018 For Caterpillar C7 Injector Replacement.

#Cat Heui Injectors
#Caterpillar C7 Injector Replacement
#Cat C7 Injector Control Valve
#Cat C7 Injector Rebuild Kit
#Cat C7 Injector Repair Kit
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Origin: China
Monthly production: 80000 pcs
Certificaion: ISO9001:2015
Gurantee: 6 months
Lead time:3-5 days for available types
Packaging:neutrual packaging or clients self-owned brand
Payment methods:Wire Transfer,PayPal,Western Union

China-Lutong is the premier supplier of Fuel Injection spare parts, tools and test equipment. With almost 30 years of history and expertise, China-Lutong offers the most complete range for Diesel Injection. We have available spare parts for diesel injection pumps, injectors and unit injector pumps. We have a warehouse with more than 3.000 items and we are able to satisfy any of our customers’ requests and ensure a quick shipping service worldwide.

Every product in the China-Lutong range is designed and manufactured to the industry standards in quality and durability. Each diesel part is manufactured under the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Its standards are applied and maintained from product planning through development and production to sales.

We offer a varied range of top quality Rotor Head. Owing to their superior quality, high performance, smooth functionality and high durability. China-Lutong provides high-quality Yanmar Industrial Diesel Pumps Hydraulic Head for all major vehicle systems, as well as off-road, agriculture, marine and industrial equipment.

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Brand Name chinalutong
Model No 4W7018
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