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Company Name : Marine Hydrocolloids
Business Category : Food & Beverage Food Additives
Location : Deepa Building,Santo Gopalan Road, Chullickal, Kochi-682005, Kerala, India
Phone: +91 4842227241
Year Established : 1982
Business Type :
  • Exporter
  • Manufacturer

Company Profile / Description

We are the largest Manufacturer & Exporter of AGAR AGAR in India suitable for various applications in Food, Confectionary, Microbiology, Pharmaceuticals, Culture media, Biotechnology & Plant Tissue Culture. We manufacture food grade Agar in Powder & Strips form having gel strength ranging from 700-1200 GM/CM² with ISO 22000 : 2005 & ISO 9001- 2015 , Halal, GMP, HACCP, Kosher Certification & FSSAI License

Currently the company has a production capacity over 350 M.T per annum. Marine Hydrocolloids has since then introduced several other products like Wonder Gel, Plant gel, Agarose, etc.

Today Marine Hydrocolloids is the only exporter and market leader of quality Agar Agar in India. We are the exclusive supplier of Agar to many MNC'S and also to 90% of the commercial tissue culture laboratories in India and several leading laboratories across the world. We export to South America, Europe, CIS & Russia, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, USA, Far East, and Australia.

We also have retail packing for agar strips & powder being supplied to major retail outlets in India and abroad.

Our Main Products :
Agar Agar Bacteriological Grade, Agar Agar Food Grade ( China Grass) , Agar Agar Food Grade Strips, Agar Agar Pharma Grade , Agar Agar Plant Tissue Culture Grade , Plant Gel (Gellan Gum), Wonder Gel (Spreadable Agar Agar), Agarose, Culture Media Ingredients , Chitin and Chitosan, Carrageenan, Sodium Alginate, Xanthan Gum


Agar Agar Pharma Grade

Price : $25 / Kilogram

MOQ : Kilogram

Plant Gel (Gellan Gum)

Price : $28 / Kilogram

MOQ : Kilogram

Agar Agar Food Grade Strips

Price : $17 / Kilogram

MOQ : Kilogram

Wondergel (Spreadable Agar-Agar) - 30

Price : $22 / Acre

MOQ : Acre

Agar Agar Plant Tissue Culture Grade

Price : $19 / Kilogram

MOQ : Kilogram

Agar Agar Bacteriological Grade

Price : $19 / Kilogram

MOQ : Kilogram

Agar Agar Food Grade (China Grass)-800 GS

Price : $16 / Kilogram

MOQ : Kilogram

Refined Carrageenan

Price : $16 / Kilogram

MOQ : Kilogram

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Wondergel Brochure

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Mr. Kurian Jose (CEO)
Marine Hydrocolloids