Pacific Union Limited

Zhejiang, China

Company Description

We are a global sourcing service provider with more than 27 years of manufacturing as well as 12 years of product sourcing experience and supporting worldwide companies to outsource their manufacturing to the factories within the Asia/Pacific region.

Specialized in evaluations of factories and products based on reliability, quality, certifications, lead times and communication, we are driven to provide products and services of only fully vetted and authorized manufacturers with the best overall value of low cost but guaranteed quality products delivered in time.

With the understanding of being a reliable and efficient team with our experienced technical staff; We provide services in accordance with the country and world standards without compromising the principles of customer satisfaction and quality and timeliness.

Our efforts to increase service quality and customer satisfaction in connection with this are constantly continuing. With the contributions of technology, we work non-stop to solve your problems and support our customers at every point.

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Basic Information
Company Name : Pacific Union Limited
Business Type :
  • Manufacturer
  • Trading
Phone : +86 +8618072314930
Zip Code: 321200
Register Address: Jingwu road, tong qin industrial area, 321200 Wu Yi, Zhe Jiang CHINA
Main Product: Metals, Machines, Healthcare

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