Triconic Fillings Refiner - Pulp & Paper Machine

Triconic Fillings Refiner - Pulp & Paper Machine
Want to Sell: Triconic Fillings Refiner - Pulp & Paper Machine
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Triconic Fillings Refiners - For Pulp & Paper Industry.

PARASON Finedge Welded Bar reiner plates are manufactured using Special Casting & Robot Welding,CN C technology to provide the maximum uniformity in the reining zone.

PARASON Finedge Welded Refiner Plates are cast in own found ryto provide uniform hard ness th roughout and Welded with Special Welding Technology. The plates will wear uniformly over time, and with the zero draft angle on the bar, with higher Bar height,
with minimum bar width, hydraulic uniformity is maintained longer.

The PARASON precision Special Cast, Laser & Welding, manufacturing process minimizes groove width variations, which allows finer bar to optimize lowintensity applications. Plates life is maximized due to high ba r height able to maintain in this technology.

- Low Specific Edge Load (SEL)
- Good fibbrillation - consistent fiber treatment
- Higher throughput
- Suitable for Hardwood, Softwood & Recycled Fiber
- Low Power Consumption

- Strength development of fiber
- Optimization of product properties
- Reduction in raw material cost
- Reduction in energy consumption

- Narrow bar width from 0.8, 1.2, 1.6, 2.0, 2.5, 2.8, 4, 5mm
- High Cutting Edge Length (CE L)
- Zero draft angle on the bar
- More bar height - More life
- Special metallurgy

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Triconic Fillings Refiner - Pulp & Paper Machine