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USD: 1299/ Tons

Specifications:Origin: NigeriaGrade: A​Color: Dark red Type: Dri...

Joss powder

USD: 400/ Metric Ton

Joss powder for making incenseJoss /Jigat bark is a herbal/botani...

Silver/ Black Mulch Film

USD: 1800/ Tons

Perforated Sheet Mulching Agricultural Plastic Silver/Black Mulch...

Superior Strength Polyethylene Films for Greenhouse

USD: 1750/ Tons

Superior Strength Polyethylene Films for Greenhouse Covering Anti...

Agriculture Irrigation Drip Hose

USD: 2000/ Tons

Agriculture Irrigation Drip Hose Features & Application...

Fresh Onion

USD: 10000/ Acre

Edible alliums of all sorts – onion, garlic, shallots, leek and c...

JNA India India
Fresh Okra

USD: 10000/ Acre

Okra also is known as Ladies’ Finger in English speaking countrie...

JNA India India
Fresh Kinnow

USD: 10000/ Acre

Kinnow is a hybrid citrus fruit, more oblate, with a smooth orang...

JNA India India
Fish Scale

USD: 1000/ Tons

Hello Mr./Mrs.Thank you for visitng. Let me first introduce who w...

Co2 Incubator

Polished stainless-steel chamber, semicircular arcs at corners fo...

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