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Brass Standoff Insulator

Price : $1 / Piece

MOQ : 50 Pieces

Molybdenum disilicide heater

Price : $50 / Piece

MOQ : 18 Pieces

Silicon carbide heater

Price : $30 / Piece

MOQ : 20 Pieces

Wired mouse IC FH8832A DIP8L CPI1000 3 buttons

Price : $10000 / Boxes

MOQ : 20 Pieces

OEM for electronic parts

Price : $5 / Acre

MOQ : Acre

Wireless mouse IC MX8650A DIP8L

Price : $1200 / Pieces

MOQ : 20 Pieces

Schuko Plug Insert

Price : $2 / Acre

MOQ : Acre

TO-252 Super Fast Rectifiers Diode 3A 600

Price : $1 / Pieces

MOQ : 3000 Pieces

DO-41 Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diode

Price : $1 / Pieces

MOQ : 1000 Pieces

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