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Ascorbic acid (vitamin c)

USD: 1/ Kilogram

Introduction Property: Ascorbic acid is also called Vitamin...


USD: 1/ Kilogram

Property: Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide with a gamma peptide...

Branched Chain Amino Acid(BCAA)

USD: 1/ Kilogram

Branched Chain Amino Acid(BCAA) Product Name: BCAACAS No: 69...

taurine Cas No.: 107-35-7

USD: 1/ Kilogram

IntroductionProperty: White crystal or crystalline powder, odorle...

Cumin seeds

USD: 3/ Metric Tons

Cumin seeds  Cumin's unique flavor complexity has made...

Agar Agar Food Grade Strips

USD: 17/ Kilogram

Agar Agar Food Grade StripsAgar Agar Food Grade is also avai...

Agar Agar Food Grade

USD: 16/ Acre

Agar Agar Food Grade (China Grass)-800 GS Agar Agar is used...

Refined Carrageenan

USD: 16/ Acre

Refined CarrageenanĀ Carrageenan is made up of sodium, potassium,...


Product name: cisplatin, molecular formula: cl2 (nh3) 2pt, cas re...


Packing:25kg/pp bag\nloading quantity:25mt

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