1060 aluminum plate for battery soft connection

1060 aluminum plate for battery soft connection

$10000 / Tons
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MOQ 8 Tons
Price $10000 / Tons
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In the era of green low-carbon development, new energy vehicles began to “shift and speed up”. The core area of power battery has become the "land of competition", which has driven the prosperity of the entire power battery industry. First of all, this has nothing to do with policy orientation. From the "Lithium-ion battery industry development white paper" to "Promoting the development of automotive power battery action plan", and then the country's strong support for the construction of charging piles, all the policy positive information.

One of the reasons for the doubling of power battery capacity in China is to continuously achieve technological leapfrogging and market scale expansion. Under the global warming and the adjustment of energy consumption structure, the living space of fuel automobile enterprises began to be compressed. On the contrary, the development potential of new energy vehicles has been repeatedly optimistic. As a big car ownership country, China has naturally become a "battlefield" for car companies to compete. The chips of all parties are not limited to the whole vehicle manufacturing. The upstream and downstream industry chain has collided with a fierce spark.

In the new energy battery industry chain also flashes the role of the aluminum processing industry, the new energy vehicle in the process of using a large number of batteries, parallel to ensure energy supply, can use 1060 aluminum plate, mainly used in new energy power battery In a soft connection.
Mingtai Aluminum can produce 1060 aluminum plate power battery soft connection aluminum coil. According to the feedback from sample users, the power battery is made of 1060-O aluminum coil. The single piece aluminum foil can be used for one-time material cutting. Good fusion, no burr, smooth surface, no oxidation, no delamination, firm welding, good electrical conductivity and fast heat dissipation. At present, the soft battery connection of our company's mass production is 1060-O aluminum plate, and the narrowest width can reach 15mm.

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1060 aluminum plate for battery soft connection

1060 aluminum plate for battery soft connection

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