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natural viogra is made of many kinds of natural herb essence without any side-effects. \n\nfunction:\t\n\n1. 120 minutes multiple sex intercourse \n\n2. 72 hours duration and vigor. \n\n3. quick penis erection 10 minutes after dosing. \n\n4. get 3 inches increased in penis length and 25% increased in penis girth \n\n5.100% satisfaction, usage&dosage: 0 to 30 minutes before sex activity. better effects could be gained if it is taken before eating any food. the effective time could last as long as 72 hours. specification: 400mg¡Á4capsules.\n\nprecautions:\t\n\n1. forbidden for people who have high blood pressure and heart diseases \n\n2. do not take any other western medicine within 12 hours after taking this product \n\n3. suited community: adult male (forbidden for people whose ages are under 18), shelf life: 24 months.
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Natural Viogra - Sex Product

Natural Viogra - Sex Product

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