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1. 100% effectiveness in preventing and curing premature ejaculation \n\n2. increase ejaculation by 500% times\n\n3. energetic and powerful feeling during erection\n\n4. easy ejaculation control at your will \n\n5. free from toxicity and drug dependency, no anaesthesia, headache etc. main ingredient: eucmmia leaf, cijili, muira puama (leaf), specification: 350mg¡Á4granules.\n\nusage & dosage:\t\n\n1. one capsule a day, one time a day. \n\n2. take one capsule 15 to 30 minutes prior to sexual activity.\n\nprecaution:\t\n\n1. do not use the product if you have high blood pressure and heart problems. \n\n2. please do not take any other medicine within twelve hours of dosing one of these capsules. \n\n3. not for use by individuals under the age of 18, shelf life: 24 months.
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Herbal Viogra - Sex Product

Herbal Viogra - Sex Product

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