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it has been used by chinese emperor for hundreds of years in ancient times and it can be enjoyed by all of us now.\n\nthis product is made of the secret imperial formula in ancient china and is extracted and concentrated through modern technology and new technology with lower temperature. this ancient formula has kept till now. more pleasant feelings are felt during sexual intercourse.\n\neffects: \n\n1. sex enhancement, lengthen penis\n\n2. relax physique, improve microcirculation and eliminate the block of blood flow, longer time for sexual intercourse. usage & dosage: take one capsule 20 to 30 minutes prior to sexual activity and it will be more effective if you take one capsule on an empty stomach. it can be effective in 24 hours. main ingredients: longspur epimedium, cynamorlum herba cistanches, antlerpil-ose, specification: 350mg¡Á4granules.
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Chinese Viogra - Sex Product

Chinese Viogra - Sex Product

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