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India based syrma technology pvt ltd, is a part of tandon group company. tandon has been designing and manufacturing memory solutions since 1998. \n\nwe are one of the largest quality sdram memory module and flash manufacturers & exporters in the india subcontinent. such volume production reflects the ongoing demand we experience for product and services from our customers around the world. \n\nover the years tandon has built a reputation of providing high quality, cost competitive, electronic manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers (oems) in automotive, medical, computing, industrial controls and telecommunication industries. operating out of our world class facility we offer engineering design and manufacturing services that encompass the entire product development cycle. \n\nsyrma technology pvt ltd focuses on manufacturing of flash products like customized usb drives and memory cards along with other branded /oem products. presently we are doing a customized production for some large distribution houses for 50 -60 k pm.\n\nwe are confident that our guaranteed quality standards and competitive prices will be to your satisfaction.\n \nwe wish to be your partner and want to share a great business relation working with your company. \n\nplease have a look at this offer of syrma technology and feel free to write to me on your further requirements or any special consideration that you may need from us.\n\nadvantages: \n\n1. direct flash source from memory majors - partner for india \n\n2. reputed manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience \n\n3. quick delivery \n\n4.immediate rma addressable.
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Usb Flash Drive

Usb Flash Drive

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