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Furfural is used as a solvent in petrochemical refining to extract dienes (which are used to make synthetic rubber) from other hydrocarbons. furfural, as well as its derivative furfuryl alcohol, can be used either by themselves or in together with phenol, acetone, or urea to make solid resins. such resins are used in making fiberglass, some aircraft components, and automotive brakes.\nfurfural is also used as a chemical intermediate in the production of the solvents furan and tetrahydrofuran. hydroxymethyl furfural has been identified in a wide variety of heat processed foods.\nit can be used lubricating oil refining, furfuryl alcohol production by hydrogenation, making several organic chemical products, such as medicine pesticide. it is utilized as a solvent in petroleum industry. it can be used to produce meleic andydride, tertahydrofuran, furan resin and furfuryl alcohol resin. it is also widely use in food spicery and dye as antiseptic, disinfector, insecticide and rust remover. \nformula: c5h4o2\nspecification:\npurity(%): 98.5 min\nmoisture(%): 0.2 max\nacid( mol/l): 0.016 max\nrefractive index(d20 ): 1.524-1.527 \ndensity (p20),g/cm3: 1.159-1.161\n
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