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Hongye chemical co., ltd. can supply good quality thiourea.\nthiourea (also called thiocarbamide or sulfourea) is the diamide of thiocarbonic acid that resembles urea but contains sulfur instead of oxygen. thiourea is the main raw material of producing thiourea dioxide, which presents a white sheen slice, pillar or needle form shining crystallize body. it can dissolves in cold water, ammonium sulphur prussic acid and alcohol, also easily dissolves in hot water, but hardly dissolves in aether.\nthiourea is a fine chemicals product with high additive value,which is widely applied in various industries such as medicine, agriculture, textile, printing-dyeing, chemical, metal-mine-selecting, laundering etc. \nother name: thiocarbamide formula: ch4n2s\nspecification:\nitem\ttop class\npurity(%):\t 99.0 min\nloss after heated(%):\t 0.40 max\nash content(%):\t 0.10 max\ninsoluble in water(%):\t 0.02 max\ncns-%:\t 0.02 max\nmelting point(oc):\t171\npacking: in 25kg woven bags or upon customer’s demands.\n
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