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Sichuan \"cailu\" brand\npermanent pavement marking tape (road marking tape, marking, sign)\ncompositions: flexible polymers, pigments, micro glass beads\ncolors: x means color(1. white, 2. yellow, 3. black, 4. blue, 5, red, 6. orange, 7. green, 8. brown)\naricle no.: l5010x\n--l5010x is not self-adhesive,\nneeds to brush adhesive both on tape\'s back and floor.\narticle no.: l5011x\n--l5011x is self-adhesive, only needs to brush adhesive on the floor\n\nfeature:\nthe products with glass beads in both base material and surface provide excellent reflectivity and skidproof effect.\nit is durable pavement marking tape rolls.\nit is applicable to various pavements of concrete, asphalt, cement, marble and walls.\nit can be designed and made into various road lines, arrows, words, symbols, colorful signs, logos, 3d markings, preformed pipe marker label and so on.\nlife: upon 2 years depends on the road situations, traffic flows and proper installation\n\narticle no. width length thickness weight\n(± 10%)\tpackage\nl5010x\n5, 10, 15, 20, 40, 45, 100cm, custom-made is available\t40m\n1.3-1.8mm\n2.2kg/sqm\n300*300*320mm\nl5011x\n5, 10, 15, 20, 40, 45, 100cm\ncustom-made is available 35m 1.6-2.2mm\n2.4kg/sqm\n300*300*320mm\nproduct\'s back is self-adhesive. generally speaking, we just need brush \"yeshili\" special adhesive to the ground while using it.\nwhen used indoor, outer pavement and various walls of place such as workshops, exhibition halls, squares, safety islands of toll stations, where few vehicles run over, it only need rip off the isolated paper on the back of the product and stick it directly to the joint surface. and its life can be 5 years to the longest.
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Permanent Marking Tape

Permanent Marking Tape

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