190w Highly Stable/accurate Power Mono Solar Module

190w Highly Stable/accurate Power Mono Solar Module

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Our solar module provides a highly stable and accurate power for the household, commercial use, and for on grid power stations. our solar modules are made exactly according to the international certification by employing the latest pv techniques and means of production. by using the advanced products design, high quality raw material and the high standard productive forces, our solar module can perform better functions in harsh environment.\n\na. high quality material and advanced productive forces equipped our products with extended service life and long term stability.\nb. high efficiency solar cells, with the high conversation efficiency up to 18.5% and small degradation feature.\nc. encapsulated with suede, low iron, highly transparent tempered glass, our products can reduce the reflection from the rays of the sun which can help maximize absorbing sun shine.\nd. the excellent back structure effectively enhance the cells conversion efficiency.\ne. uniform antireflection coating to improve absorption sunlight in the harsh conditions\nf. anodized aluminum frame, waterproof junction box to ensure good mechanical strength and water tightness\ng. equipped with bypass diodes to avoid hot spots caused by the shadow\nh. with the power of 5w-300w, the solar module widely used in on and off grid power system and plant.
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190w Highly Stable/accurate Power Mono Solar Module

190w Highly Stable/accurate Power Mono Solar Module

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