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Special features:\nmaintenance free, no need to replenish with water\nexcellent safety performance: under the normal use conditions, there will be no electrolyte leakage can occur from the terminals or case of any gemake battery, there will be no expansion or cracks can occur on the battery, the battery can be mounted in any position\nexcellent discharge capacity: stable discharge voltage and gently discharge curve can be expected from the battery\nexcellent over-discharge resistance capacity: under the ambient temperature of 25 celsius degree, the capacity recovery rate of a fully charged battery can go up to 75% after 3 weeks constant-resistance discharge\nexcellent over-charge resistance capacity: under the ambient temperature of 25 celsius degree, for a fully charged battery, there will no electrolyte leakage, expansion or crack can occur to the battery after 48 hours 0.1c ampere (s) charge current, at the same time, the open circuit voltage of the battery will keep in normal level, and the remaining capacity can keep as high as 95%\nlow self-discharge rate can be as low as 3% every month\n\n\n
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12v7ah Lead Acid Battery

12v7ah Lead Acid Battery

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