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Features:\n1.\tincrease the pressure and decrease automatically\n2.\tcan test sys dia and pulse\n3.\teasy operating with only two buttons\n4.\tpower off after idle 3 minutes\n5.\tbig screen to display big number for easy reading\nspecification:\n1.\tpressure range: 20-280mmhg pulse range: 40-200 hops/minute.\n2.\taccuracy: pressure:+/-3mmhg or within 2% pulse: within +/-5%\n3.\tsaving 60 sets testing data\n4.\tworking environment: temperature: 10℃-40℃ wet degree:40%-85%rh\n5.\treserve & transport temperature: -20℃-55℃ wet degree: 10%rh—93%rh\n6.\tpower supply: dc 3v
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Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors

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