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Sinotruk hova yard low-speed tractor\t\nproduct details:\t\nmodel\thova yard low-speed tractorzz5371tqym30100\ntrian rated weight(kg)\t70000\ngross vehicle weight(kg)\t6900\ndriving type\t4x2\nengine(hp)\tsinotruk brand,266\nemission standard\teuro 2 \ndisplacement(l)\t9.726\nmax. speed (km/h)\t39\ntransmission\tallison 3500 electronically controlled automatic transmission, 4 forward,1reverse\nsteering\teaton \ncab\tenhanced skin type unilateral cab frame,60° hydraulically tiltable to front\ntires\t11.00-20\nfifth wheel \tliftable\nfifth wheel lifting height(mm)\t705\nbody dimensions(mm)\t4920x2495x3000\nfuel tank(l)\t230\n
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Terminal Tractor (

Terminal Tractor (

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