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5083 aluminum plate price

$6000 / Tons
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MOQ 8 Tons
Price $6000 / Tons
Category Minerals & Raw Materials Alloy
Henan Mingtai Al.industrial

China Henan, China

Establish: 1997

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  • Exporter
+86 13598016506

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Product information

5083 marine aluminum plate is one of the new 5-series aluminum plate series. It is light, high in stress, strong in corrosion resistance, low in density and good in welding performance. It is commonly used as Marine Grade Aluminum. As the speed of economic development continues to accelerate, the demand for 5083 ship plates in the market has also increased. Here, we will introduce you to the 5083 aluminum plate and the price in detail.

5083 ship board manufacturer-Mingtai Aluminum
At present, the 5083 ship plates purchased by many users are produced by Henan Mingtai, Henan Mingtai Professional 5083 ship board manufacturer. It is a large-scale aluminum plate manufacturer in China. The product specifications are complete and can be customized according to the actual needs of users. With high processing technology, product quality and performance are guaranteed, but also provide professional and thoughtful after-sales service.

5083 aluminum plate price
When purchasing the 5083 ship board, the user is more concerned about the price. The purchase price will largely determine the investment cost. There are many manufacturers in the market. Due to various factors, the price of the 5083 ship board is quoted. There are also great differences. The factors that generally affect the price are the selected manufacturer, the quality of the product, the thickness and width specifications of the product, as well as the after-sales service of the manufacturer and the market conditions.

Now there are many manufacturers of 5083 aluminum plates. Users should make comprehensive comparison choices when purchasing. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry 5083 ship board manufacturer, direct sales to users, can be shipped nationwide, customized, factory production, timely and fast, users can rest assured Welcome friends who have needs to consult freely at any time.

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5083 aluminum plate price

5083 aluminum plate price

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