All sewing Machine Spare parts

All sewing Machine Spare parts
Place of Origin: China, Hongkong, Taiwan,Japan
MOQ: 1 Piece
Price: USD 2 Per Piece
Category: Textiles Leather & Jute > Textile Machinery & Parts


Company Information

Sewing Mall

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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All sewing Machine Spare parts

We have All kind of sewing machine Spare parts. All kind of accessories, iron and Iron accessories. we give all product support from china and Bangladesh if ready Stock have. we give you good quality product , Good support from china, Big werehouse on Bangladesh.

Payment Terms: Account payee cheque in faviour of sewing mall. or cash

Delivery Information: 2 days from local stock. and from china 10 to.150Days


Spare parts 1
Iron table and accessories 1
All Germents accessories 1
Germents Stationery item 1000
All kind of Cutting Machine 1000

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