A-php crystals

A-php crystals

$75 / Grams
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MOQ 3 Grams
Price $75 / Grams
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Bio Research Chemicals

United States California, United States

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Product information

A-PHP is regularly alluded to as alpha-pyrrolidinyl-hexaphenone, PHP, and alpha-PHP. The IUPAC name for a-PHP is (±)- 1-Phenyl-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)- 1-hexanone. We can take a gander at the examination directed on this exploration chemical. The look into was led by ACD/Labs’, US Natural Security Office’s EPISuite, and ChemAxon.

Properties that were anticipated by ACD/Labs demonstrated 2 #H security acceptors, 5 #Freely turning securities, record of refraction at 1.535 with a surface strain of 39.3±3.0 dyne/cm, a blaze purpose of 127.3±12.5 °C and a breaking point of 362.4±25.0 °C at 760 mmHg. 

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A-php crystals

A-php crystals

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