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Banana fiber

USD: 5.00/ Kilogram

Banana fiber. It is produce from banana trees. it's 3 to 5 fit lo...

Paint Roller and Paint Brush

USD: 3/ Cartons

Paint Roller and Paint Brush 50% Bristle ( White Color)- 50%...

H. M. Trading Bangladesh
Steel Wire Brush

USD: 3/ Cartons

Wooden Handle Steel Wire Brush , type number 106, Wooden Handle L...

H. M. Trading Bangladesh
Screw Hook

USD: 2/ Cartons

Screw hooks are of sizes # 6; 8; 10; 12; 14Suitable for use for H...

H. M. Trading Bangladesh
Magnetic Door Holders

USD: 124/ Cartons

Magnetic Door Holders are widely used for Apartments as Door acce...

H. M. Trading Bangladesh
Golden Cup Hook

USD: 2/ Cartons

Golden Cup Hook  Cup Hooks are of 2 sizes in stock now....

H. M. Trading Bangladesh
Iron Hinges

USD: 66/ Boxes

Iron Hinges  These are Iron Hinges ; widely used all ov...

H. M. Trading Bangladesh
Hioki FT6031-03 Earth Ground Resistance Tester Waterproof

USD: 481/ Piece

Hioki FT6031-03 Ground Resistance Tester, Dustproof and Waterproo...

Ronex International Bangladesh
Immigration To Canada From Bangladesh

USD: 1/ Acre

Immigration To Canada From Bangladesh  Canada is a secu...

Andris RS 30 Liters

USD: 130/ Acre

Andris RS 30 Liters  Product Details:Ariston Andris RS...

Ariston Bangladesh
Shared Hosting

USD: 40/ Acre

Shared Hosting  You will never like slow websites, neit...

Mucahost Bangladesh
Timing Belt & Timing Pulleys

USD: 124/ Acre

Timing Belt & Timing Pulleys  Nishi Enterprise is t...

Nishi Enterprise Bangladesh
Flexible coupling

USD: 100/ Acre

Flexible coupling Nishi Enterprise is a leading name among t...

Nishi Enterprise Bangladesh
Spiral bevel gear

USD: 1000/ Acre

Spiral bevel gear Spiral bevel gears are used to transmit po...

Nishi Enterprise Bangladesh
EPS Helmet Packers

USD: 10/ Acre

EPS Helmet Packers Eps Helmet Packer is a protective foam Wh...

Shimu Eps Bangladesh
Interior Design

USD: 3000/ Acre

Interior DesignStudio Triangle is one of the top creative archite...

Studio Triangle Bangladesh
Indonesian Instant Spray Dried Coffee

USD: 7/ Kilogram

Indonesian Instant Spray Dried Coffee  Introducing with...

Bye Bye Piles

USD: 50/ Acre

Bye Bye Piles in BangladeshBye Bye Piles in Bangladesh is 100% co...