Bovine peptone

Bovine peptone

$4.5 / Kilogram
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MOQ 1 Kilogram
Price $4.5 / Kilogram
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Establish: 2008

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Product information
1.Product Description
This product is a white dry powder refined by the fresh ox bone, beef and bovine pancreas according to the proportion of science by biological extraction technology. Its products have all kinds of uniform distribution amino acids, trace elements, growth factors. The content of amino nitrogen is higher, especially the content of glutamic acid, proline, aspartic acid, arginine, leucine, serine. Accordingly, it is the basic raw materials of various microbial fermentation industry.
2.Product Standards
1)Sensory Index
Items Requirements
Morphology Powder, no caking
Color Light yellow or brown powder
Odor Endemic taste and odor of product, no other peculiar smell
Impurity No normal visible extraneous impurity
2)Physicochemical Index
Item Industrial grade Pharmaceutical grade Reagent grade
Total nitrogen (on DM) % ≥13.0% ≥13.0% ≥14.5%
Amino nitrogen (on DM) % ≥1.5% ≥2.0% ≥3.0%
Ash (on DM) % ≤11.0% ≤11.0% ≤10.0%
Moisture % ≤6.0% ≤6.0% ≤6.0%
PH (2% solution) 4.5-7.0
Acidsolution & alkalescence high-pressure —— Pellucid
Solubility (2% solution) Slightly soluble Pellucid
Note: The physicochemical index is general specification but we can customize product according to the requirements of customer.
This product is suitable for preparing various microorganism culture medium in the fermentation industry of new biomedicine, vitamin and so on, and widely used for the culture, separation, proliferation and identification of bacteria, as well as the preparation of medium of bacteria biochemical characteristic test such as sterility test medium, anaerobic bacterium culture medium etc.
It is used for culturing escherichia coli, drug sensitive fermentationy test, sugar fermentation test, and culturing the microorganisms which have no higher nutritional requirements.
4.Usage:Fully dissolved and sterilized before use.
Compound Paper Bag with 25kg/bag or Cardboard Bucket. Reagent-grade products are packaged with 250g plastic bottle (or be packed according to the measurement requirements of customer and OEM Package as well).
Packaging Info : Compound Paper Bag with 25kg/bag or Cardboard Bucket. Reagent-grade products are packaged with 250g plastic bottle (or be packed according to the measurement requirements of customer and OEM Package as well).
Payment Terms : TT or L/C
Delivery Information : 5 days
Product Specification
Brand Name : HRBS
Model No : HRBS-Y008
Material : powder
Color : Light yellow
Size : 250g/bottle

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Bovine peptone

Bovine peptone

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