Buffet Crampon E12F E12France

Buffet Crampon E12F E12France Intermediate Bb Wood Clarinet

$1399 / Piece
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Place of origin U.S.A
MOQ 1 Piece
Price $1399 / Piece
Category Sports & Entertainment Musical Instruments
Hagelaar Musical Instruments

United States California, United States

Establish: 2000

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  • Exporter
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+1 4155081311

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Buffet Crampon E12F E12France Intermediate Bb Wood Clarinet------1400$

YAMAHA Yamaha Yamaha bass clarinet------1500$
LeBlanc Leblanc Symphonie by Backun Bb Clarinet------2999$
Leblanc Legacy Professional a Clarinet 115A by Backun----2999$
SELMER 10S II A CLARINET A1510SII------1500$
Hammerschmidt Klingson - Reform Boehm Clarinet Set in A & Bb-----2399$

Buffet Crampon Bb Clarinet---------2700$
Yamaha Custom G Csg-Iiihl Bb Clarinet----2600$
Buffet Crampon R13 Clarinet-----1900$
Backun Model F Bb Clarinet Cocobolo Gold Keys------3000$
Buffet Crampon Prestige C Clarinet-----4000$
Yamaha Ycl-Csgiiil Custom Bb Clarinet----2600$
Yamaha Custom G Csg-Iiihl A Clarinet-----3000$
Leblanc Model 7182 Contrabass Clarinet-----3200$
Buffet Crampon Tosca A Clarinet Grenadilla-----5000$
Buffet Crampon R13 Professional Bb Clarinet---1800$
Buffet Crampon R13 A Clarinet Silver -----1800$
Buffet Crampon Buffet Tosca Eb Clarinet-----5000$
Buffet Crampon Festival Bb Clarinet---2000$
Lyrique 925C Low C Bass Clarinet-----1500$
Buffet Crampon Tradition Silver-Plated Bb Clarinet 2016-----2300$
Buffet Tosca Bb Clarinet, Standard-----3000$
Buffet R-13 Professional BB Clarinet With Nickel Plated Keys----1700$
Backun Bb Clarinet Cocobolo - Silver Keys------2900$
Buffet Crampon RC Prestige Key of D Clarinet Silver Plated Keys----5000$
Backun Professional Clarinet Cocobolo / Silver Keys----3000$
Buffet Crampon BC1116L-5-0 Tradition Professional Bb Clarinet----1700$
Buffet Festival BB Clarinet------2300$
Selmer Paris 'signature' Model B16sig Bb Clarinet-----3000$
Selmer Privilege Bb Clarinet------3000$
Stowasser Tarogato, Wooden Saxophone; Clarinet-----1500$
Buffet Crampon BC1116L-5-0 Tradition Bb Clarinet Black-----1700$
Buffet Crampon R13 2015-----1700$
Backun Professional Clarinet Grenadilla / Silver Keys----3000$
Buffet Crampon BC113150 Nickel Plated-----1500$
Buffet Crampon Tosca Bb Clarinet-----3000$
Selmer Presence Bb Clarinet---------1700$
LeBlanc Leblanc Symphonie by Backun Bb Clarinet-----1700$
Selmer Presence Bb Clarinet-------1700$
Buffet Crampon BC1116L-5-0 Tradition Bb Clarinet---1700$
Buffet Crampon R13 A Grenadilla Wood 2003-2005-----1700$
Hammerschmidt Klingson - Reform Boehm Clarinet Set In A & BB-----2400$
Vintage Buffet R13 A Clarinet----1600$
Vintage 1930S Metal Guy Humphrey Paris Bass Clarinet -----1600$
Selmer Alto Clarinet------1600$
Yamaha YCL-CSGAIII Professional A Clarinet-------1700$
LeBlanc Legacy A Clarinet by Backun Grenadilla Wood Silver Keys-----3400$
Yamaha Custom Cs-Vr Professional Bb Clarinet-------1600$
Yamaha YCL-CSGII Custom Bb Clarinet-----2400$
Selmer Paris Seles B16 Presence Pro Clarinet-----1500$
Buffet Crampon R13 2015----1700$
Selmer B16 Presence--------1500$
Selmer Paris Signature Professional BB Clarinet-----2400$
Buffet Model 1193 Prestige Bass Clarinet------6000$
Selmer 33 Clarinet-----1700$
Backun Protégé 2017 Clarinet------1500$
John Parker Antique Boxwood Clarinet-----1700$
Yamaha YCL-CSGAHII Custom A Clarinet with Gold Keys------1600$
Clarinet C- Major Clarinete Do C Do Clarinet-----14000$
Selmer Clarinet set Granadella 1961------1800$
Leblanc By Backun Legacy BB Clarinet-----2400$
Selmer Privilege Bass Clarinet (Low Eb)-----5000$

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Buffet Crampon E12F E12France Intermediate Bb Wood Clarinet

Buffet Crampon E12F E12France Intermediate Bb Wood Clarinet

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