Caregiver Service by ShebaLagbe Health Care

Caregiver Service by ShebaLagbe Health Care
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When you hire in-home care for a loved one, it’s important that you have full confidence in your loved one’s caregiver or caregivers. That’s why your local ShebaLagbe offers Select Your Caregiver. With Select Your Caregiver, care recipients and their families have a say in choosing their caregivers.

“At ShebaLagbe, we know that any successful care plan comes down to finding the right caregiver for every client,” says our President and CEO Larry Meigs. “With Select Your Caregiver, we’ve made sure that you can find the right care provider for your loved one.”

If you’re thinking of hiring a caregiver for your loved one, Select Your Caregiver can play a big part in making your loved one’s care a success. Below, we’ve detailed how Select Your Caregiver works, the benefits it can offer, and how you can get started with care from your local ShebaLagbe.

How Select Your Caregiver Works
Select Your Caregiver starts with your loved one’s care assessment. A care assessment is performed in your loved one’s home and is a chance for your local ShebaLagbe care director to meet with you and your loved one. This assessment allows your local care director to learn about your loved one’s care needs and start planning your loved one’s care plan.

Based on this assessment, your local ShebaLagbe will find a caregiver (or caregivers) whose skills, experience, and personality align with your loved one’s needs. If — for any reason — you feel that the caregiver isn’t quite the right fit for your loved one, just let us know. We’ll recommend a different caregiver for you.

Benefits of Choosing Your Caregiver
With our years of experience in the home care industry, the team at ShebaLagbe knows how important the fit between each client and his or her care providers is. By allowing our clients to choose their caregivers, we help ensure the right fit is there from the outset. Through Select Your Caregiver, you’ll be able to:

Find a caregiver whose skills and past experience align with your loved one’s needs.
Choose a caregiver whose availability matches with your loved one’s schedule and routines.

Select a care provider whose approach to care fits with your loved one’s personality.
Getting Started with ShebaLagbe

If you want to get started with home care for an elderly loved one, your local ShebaLagbe will be happy to help. Our care assessments are performed in the comfort of your loved one’s home and come at no cost and no obligation. When you choose our in-home care, we will be happy to match you with caregivers who we think would be a great fit for your loved one.

Learn more about Select Your Caregiver and schedule a free, in-home assessment for your loved one by calling your local ShebaLagbe office today.

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