Drip Irrigation Tube

Drip Irrigation Tube

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MOQ 500 Meter
Price $1 / Meter
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Category Rubber & Plastic Products Plastic Products
Topper Ldpe Pipe Manufacturer Co. Ltd.

China Fujian, China

Establish: 2003

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+86 5925819200

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Product information

Drip Irrigation Tube made from LDPE Plastic Original Material, Anti-UV?Extrusion Molding.

Diameter: 12 mm.
Thickness: 1.0 mm.
Pressure: 0.40 MPa.
Gross Weight: 17.5 kg.
Package: 500 Meter/Roll.
Package Size: 70 x 32 cm.

NO. Name Diameter x Thickness (MM) Pressure G.W (KG) Package (M/Roll) Size (CM)
TPLP1208 LDPE Pipe 12x0.8 0.25MPa 14 500M 70x32
TPLP1210 12x1.0 0.40MPa 17.5 500M 70x32
TPLP1214 12x1.4 0.80MPa 23.5 500M 70x32
TPLP1610 16x1.0 0.40MPa 24 500M 90x35
TPLP1612 16x1.2 0.63MPa 28 500M 90x35
TPLP1614 16x1.4 0.80MPa 32 500M 90x35
TPLP1616 16x1.6 1.00MPa 36 500M 90x35
TPLP2013 20x1.3 0.40MPa 14.5 200M 80x35
TPLP2015 20x1.5 0.80MPa 18 200M 80x35
TPLP2020 20x2.0 1.00MPa 23 200M 80x35
TPLP2212 22x1.2 0.40MPa 15.5 200M 90x32
TPLP2214 22x1.4 0.63MPa 18 200M 90x32
TPLP2215 22x1.5 0.80MPa 19.5 200M 90x32
TPLP2514 25x1.4 0.40MPa 21 200M 90x35
TPLP2518 25x1.8 0.63MPa 26.5 200M 90x35
TPLP2520 25x2.0 0.80MPa 29 200M 90x35
TPLP2523 25x2.3 1.00MPa 34 200M 100x35

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Drip Irrigation Tube

Drip Irrigation Tube

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