Electrode Holder

Electrode Holder

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MOQ 1 Pieces
Price $1 / Pieces
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Sunhigh Welding Equipment Co. Ltd.

China Jiangsu, China

Establish: 2012

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The function is to hold the welding rod and conduct the welding current during welding. It is used in conjunction with the arc welding machine. During manual arc welding, it is used to hold and manipulate the welding rod and ensure the electrical connection with the welding rod. Welding tongs have main technical indicators such as shell protection, electric shock protection, temperature rise, welding spatter resistance, and drop resistance. Use cast copper as a clamp, and ceramic and plastic handles as insulators. It should have good electrical conductivity, not easy to generate heat, light weight, firm holding of the welding rod and convenient for replacing the welding rod.
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Electrode Holder

Electrode Holder

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