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Factory Supply 3-Phenylpropanoic acid CAS 501-52-0

$6 / Kilogram
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MOQ 200 Kilogram
Price $6 / Kilogram
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Category Chemicals Food Additives
Wuhan Landmarkind Co. Ltd

China Hubei, China

Establish: 2012

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Product information
Name : Hydrogenated cinnamic acid (3-phenylpropionic acid)
CAS No.: 501-52-0
Formula: C9H10O2
Molecular weight: 150.17
Melting point: 48-50℃ (lit)
Boiling point: 279-281℃ (lit)
Flash point: 170±13.9℃
Refractive index: 1.5063
Appearance: white prismatic crystals
EINECS number: 207-924-5
Purity: ≥98%
Specific gravity: 1.0-1.15
Acidity: 0.4mgKOH/g
Packing specification: 200 kg / pail
Storage: Pay attention to the source of fire, especially to avoid sunlight, and store in a cool place.

This product is a fragrance fixative. Used as a pharmaceutical intermediate and also used in organic synthesis.
It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is gradually receiving attention as a pharmaceutical raw material and intermediate. Due to its good solubility, the ability to sublimate at low temperatures directly determines its flavoring effect. It is also widely used in ice cream, beverages, candy and biscuits and other foods that need to show aroma; coordinate the overall flavor of flavored products, As a base material, it has the functions of sweetening, fragrant, acid suppression, bitterness, deodorization, antiseptic, high temperature resistance, etc., As an antioxidant to prevent adverse reactions of food, extend the storage time of food, modify and balance food, make food flavor more natural and pure, stable and durable, used in food additives and flavoring and other flavoring industries.
In addition, the recent International Institute of Chemistry has shown that hydrogenated cinnamic acid can also be used as an intermediate in the treatment of the diabetes drug Glibenclamide. Diabetes is a worldwide stubborn disease, and its alias for foreign countries is called "silent killer." There are currently more than 92 million diabetic patients in China, and another 100 million are potential patients. Glibenclamide is the most effective drug for oral hypoglycemic, but it has been expensive due to the price of raw materials and has strong toxic side effects. In the modern pharmaceutical industry, the cinnamon series-hydrocinnamic acid is used as an intermediate, which has certain auxiliary effects on reducing side effects and lowering blood sugar.
Packaging Info : 200kg/drum
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C
Product Specification
Brand Name : Landmarkind

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Factory Supply 3-Phenylpropanoic acid CAS 501-52-0

Factory Supply 3-Phenylpropanoic acid CAS 501-52-0

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