Frozen Norwegian Salmon Fish

Frozen Norwegian Salmon Fish

$7 / Kilogram
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Place of origin Norway
MOQ 1000 Kilogram
Price $7 / Kilogram
Category Food & Beverage Fish & Sea Food
Kirkenes Processing As

Norway Finnmark, Norway

Establish: 2006

Business Type :

  • Exporter
  • Service Provider
+47 78970490

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Product information

We are suppliers of best quality Frozen salmon fish and other fishes like mackerel,sardine,tuna,yellow grouper,Ribbon and other fishes and we are looking for serious buyers globally that are in need of any type of sea food contact with us for more details

Chum Salmon Fillet
Size: 800 Gram up/Piece
Skin on Boneless PBO IQF 25%Glazing No Compensated Color 13+
Species is Oncorhynchus Keta
Catch Area is FAO 67

1. Squid (Illex Argentinus or Todarodes Pacificus)
Squid Tube IQF
Squid Ring IQF
Blanched Squid Mix(Strip+Ring+Tentacle)

2. Surimi Products
Surimi Crab Stick
Surimi Bites Straight Cut
Surimi Crab Claw
Surimi Shrimp and Surimi Lobster
Breaded Fish Finger Pre-Cooked

3. Red Shrimp PUD(Solenocera Melantho)

4. Monkfish( Lophius Liutlon)
Monkfish Tail and Monkfish Cube

5. Fish Fillet
Alaska Pollack Fillet
Arrow Tooth Flounder Fillet
Yellow Fin Sole Fillet
Pacific or Atlantic Red Fish Fillet
Chum or Pink Salmon Fillet
Atlantic or Pacific Cod Fillet
Tilapia Fillet and Tilapia Whole Gutted Scaled

6. Mussel
Cooked Mussel Meat and Half Shell MusselĀ 

Packaging Info : 10Kg/CTN Bulk Package
Product Specification

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Frozen Norwegian Salmon Fish

Frozen Norwegian Salmon Fish

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