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FZB Self priming fluoroplastic chemical pump

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Kenshine Pump & Valve Manufacturing Co. Ltd

China Jiangsu, China

Establish: 2017

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Product information

FZB fluorine plastic self Priming pump

FZB chemical pump has the advantages of compact and reasonable structure, strong corrosion resistance, tight and reliable sealing performance, stable work, low noise, high mechanical strength, no aging, no toxin decomposition, easy maintenance, smooth flow, high efficiency and energy saving.

It is widely used in chemical industry, acid making, alkali making, smelting, rare earth, pesticide, dye, medicine, paper making, electroplating, electrolysis, pickling, radio, foiling, scientific research institutions, national defense industry and so on.

Features of FZB fluorine plastic self priming pump:

FZB chemical pump is made of fluorine plastic which is the world's most excellent corrosion resistant materials. FZB fluorine plastics alloy chemical pump provides superior corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength, not aging, without toxin decomposition.

FZB fluorine plastic self priming pump can be delivery any concentration of acid, alkali, oxidant and other corrosive medium and therefore it is widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, pesticide, refining, dyestuff, papermaking, electroplating, food, etc.

Structure description of FZB fluorine plastic self-priming pump

FZB self-priming pump consists of pump body, impeller, cover ,seal, bracket ,pump shaft, shaft coupling, bolt, nut and base etc.

1. Pump body: one steel flange ring is embedded in the connecting part on the left and right sides. Each flange ring is made of alloy by molding plastic.

2. The right side of the cover is embedded with a stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti) molded plastic alloy.

3, impeller: adopt the connecting shaft connection method, the metal shaft is made of high-quality steel finishing processing and covered with plastic synthetic alloy mold pressing, so that the impeller and the metal shaft are firmly integrated, ensuring that the shaft root and the back of the impeller bear the torque force with rotation, so that the wet-medium part is plastic alloy.

4, mechanical seal: WB2, ST type without cooling water adjustable end face seal technology, made of silicon carbide, high purity alumina ceramics, filled with tetrafluoron, graphite and other materials.

Technical parameters of FZB fluorine plastic self-priming pump:

Flow rate: 1.5 to 60m3h;

Head: 15 to 50m;

Speed: 2900rmin;

Power: 1.5 to 15KW;

Inlet diameter: 25 to 80mm;

Applicable temperature: -20℃ to 120℃.

The pump has the self priming performance and suction height is up 4meters

Model Flow (m3/h) Head(m) Inlet(mm) outlet(mm) Motor power (kw) Speed (rpm) Efficiency(%) Suction height(m) Suction time(S)
25FZB-20 1.6 20 Φ25 Φ25 2.2 2900 20 1.5 150
32FZB-20 3.2 20 Φ32 Φ25 2.2 2900 30 1.5 150
40FZB-20 6.3 20 Φ40 Φ32 2.2 2900 42 3 150
50FZB-20 12.5 20 Φ50 Φ32 2.2 2900 42 3 150
50FZB-30 12.5 30 Φ50 Φ50 4 2900 48 3 180
65FZB-30 25 30 Φ65 Φ50 7.5 2900 55 3 180
80FZB-30 50 30 Φ80 Φ65 11 2900 58 3 180
50FZB-45 12.5 45 Φ50 Φ32 7.5 2900 35 3 200
65FZB-45 25 45 Φ65 Φ40 11 2900 42 3 200
80FZB-45 50 45 Φ80 Φ65 15 2900 53 3 200
100FZB-45 100 45 Φ100 Φ80 30 2900 55 3 250
100FZB-32 100 32 Φ100 Φ80 18.5 2900 48 3 250

Packaging Info : PLYWOOD CASE
Payment Terms : T/T IN ADVANCE
Delivery Information : 7 DAYS
Product Specification
Brand Name : kenshine-pump
Model No : 65FZB-30
Material : Fluoroplastic alloy
Color : white
Size : 125CM*42CM*48CM

Product Images

FZB Self priming fluoroplastic chemical pump

FZB Self priming fluoroplastic chemical pump

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