heating-smart rotary drum dryer? lifelong aftersales, nice prices

heating-smart rotary drum dryer? lifelong aftersales, nice prices

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Category Machinery & Industrial Supplies Mining Machinery / Equipment
Jiaozuo Zjn Environmental Protection Equipment Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

China Henan, China

Establish: 1991

Business Type :

  • Exporter
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+86 15539111910

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Product information

About us:

"Established in 1991, Jiaozuo ZJN Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd(formerly named Zhuoyue Drying Equipment Factory) is an innovative enterprise specialized in the technology researching, equipment manufacturing and project engineering of rotary drum dryers against client's drying of high humid and viscous materials. Taking "high-efficiency, energy saving, practicality" as principles, our company dedicates in environmental protection mechanics business. With 30+ years' striving and innovation, we have made outstanding achievements in technology for drying sludge, solid waste and slags. We are always in the forefront of domestic drying technology which is rapidly developing. Based on advanced scientific management, integrity and pragmatic spirit, China ZJN holds over 100 items of national patents.It's also awarded many national honors and titles, such as "enterprices of scientific and technological achievements", "China Top 500 Private Technology Enterprise", "Integrity Model Company". The company has passed ISO 9001: 2008 Quality certification.Adhering to the combined strategies of production, study and research, we cooperate with School of Environment & Natural Resources of Renmin University of China, Environmental Protection Research Institute of Beijing Institute of Science and Technology, Henan Polytechnic University and established ZJN Drying Technology Researching Center, which independently designed, researched & developed, then produced the "Rotary Harrow Rolling Triple Stage & Multi-loop" Drying Equipment. The usage of this equipment has made good economic, social and environmental benefits. It has been widely used in many industries such as Paper Making, Textile, Dying, Printing, Electroplating, Leather, Pharmacy, Chemical, Sewage Treatment, Feed, Liquor, Starch and Biological fermentation.

Usage of Drum dryers:
China ZJN Environment Protection Science&Technology Company Co.ltd.(China ZJN) manufactures industry-specific, heavy-duty, low-consumption, compact rotary dryers widely used to dry,calcine,mill, grind, granulate, coat, de-volume and de-toxin wood chips(for bio-fuel), sawdust, sand, fertilizer, chemicals, kitchen leftovers, paper making pulp, animal feed, sludge in electroplating, leather, textile,printing and dyeing, coal mining and pharmaceutics,brewing, starch processing, biological fermentation, sewage, and hazardous metals, sweet potato residue, vinasse, bean dregs, medicine dregs, coal slime, lignite and others.

China ZJN has been focusing on drying technologies for more than 30 years, with over 100 patents, techonological knowhows, money-saving turnkey solutions and guidance.China ZJN Rotary Dryers manufactures many applications widely used in the mineral industry for drying sands, limestone, stone and soil, ores, fertilizers, wood chips, coal, iron sulphate, filter cakes, sewage sludge, etc.China ZJN Rotary Dryers can also be applied on food industry mainly for removing water content, recycling liquids as well as for granular material such as food grains, cereals, pulses,coffee beans, fermented tea leaves, etc.Our filter helps remove metal from soil.All our products can be custom designed to meet client's specifics.

Products and services:

I. Industrial dryers, drying instrument&devices, drying equipment, drying machines&tools,drying systems, solutions, such as

a.Rotary drum dryers:

drum dryers, rotary dryers:liquor/alcohol (ethanol) lees dryers,alkli drum dryers;municipal sludge drum dryer, coal drum dryer, sand dryers, sawdust dryer, oil dryer, bagasse dryer, casava dryer, vinasse dryer, biomass dyer, waste feed dryer, sand drum dryer, pulp drum dryer, coke drum dryer, slag drum dryer, wood chips drum dryer, organic fertilizer drum dryer, beer grains dryer, animal feed dryer, wood chips dryer, sawdust dryer, lignite drum dryer, slime drum dryer, fertilizer dryer; slag dryer, pharmacy residues dryer;food waste dryer, food waste dehydrators, pomace dryer, coconut coir dryer, paddle dryer, Industrial vacuum dryer, solid wastes dryer,animal manure dryer,bagasse dryer, brewery grains/starch residues dryer, distiller's grains dryer, animal feed/silage dryer, coal slime dryer, sewage dryer, mineral wastes/slags drying, oil sludge dryer, metal sludge dryer, chemical sludge dryer, tannery sludge dryer, dyeing sludge dryer, papermaking sludge dryers, pharmaceutical powder dryer;

b.paddle dryers;

c.vaccum dryers;

d.fluidized bed;

e.drying kiln,calcinator or calciner: rotary kiln dryer.

II. Formation equipment: pelletizer, granulator;grates.

III. Spare parts: toxin separators, metal separators, bag filters, hoppers, scrubbers, lifters; conveyors, dischargers.

IV. Services: manufacturing-ralated PLC programming, commissioning, troubleshooting, consultancy.

Featured products:
(Drying all types of high-humidity high-solid wastes): "Three Cylinders Multi-loop Rotary Dryer", "low temperature large volume air from waste heat dryer", "rotary rake + paddle type high humidity high viscosity dryer", "1+3 automatic joint dryer", "Five-cylinder dryer", "triple--stage reciprocating and double-channel dryer", "double-stage counter-flow dryer", "single tube counter-flow reciprocating dryer", "improved rotary fire tube dryer", "chain mechanical hot air furnace", "Biomass hot furnace ", "coal and gas dual-use hot furnace", "pulverized coal self-heating furnace", "sludge incinerator", "Coal-gas furnace", "energy-saving ovens", "boiling furnace", "cyclone dust collector", "wet dust collector", "bag dust collector" etc.

We help finance commissioning the rotary drum dryer.

Advantages of company:

1. More than 30 years' experience.

2. We are the leading professional supplier of drying equipments and service for drying equipment industry.

3. All products achieved ISO9001:2008 quality management certificate and EU CE certificate.

Quality First, First Rate Service:

Strict quality control always, highly-trained personnel for all-round aftersales service.

Three Guarantees policy for all our products.Our state-of-the-art design and strict quality control ensure reliable product quality.

Advantages of China ZJN Rotary Drum Dryer

(1). High production capacity

(2). Lower consumption and operation cost

(3) . Capable to dry different kinds of product

(4) . Stable operation

(5) . Uniform dried product

(6). Both dryer and calciner, operation Temp. Up to 1000°C

(7). Heat source can be steam, electricity, coal, natural gas etc.

(8). Mimimum off-gas emission

(9). Water recycling

Place of Origin:PRC
Color: green or red
Size: 14*18*28m
Material:stainless steel
Product Certificate: ISO9001:2008 quality management certificate
Payment Type: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Cash.We help clients finance for a drum dryer.Then they can pay the price on machine and installment.
Leads:10 days
Port:Shanghai, Qingdao,Dalian

Packaging details: standard carrier container


Structural design of end cover and end shaft of rotary drum dryer
Structural design of the end cover and end shaft of the rotary drum dryer: The type of the end cover is generally designed as an arched end cover except for the flat cover in the small diameter and low pressure rotary drum.

From the aspect of the force, the concave surface sustains compression better than the convex surface, but after assembly with the cylinder, the total axial length is not as compact as that of the convex end cap. The curvature of the arched end cap should be determined according to the diameter of the cylinder and the sustained force. Generally, a small-diameter cylinder or an a concave with arched cover to bear pressure, and the center of curvature is on the center axis of the end cover. The end caps of large-diameter rotary drums are often designed in a double-arch arched convex, which has good rigidity and strength. The end cap can be equipped with accessories such as inspection holes and safety valves.

The structure of the end shaft of the rotary drum dryer is generally a stepped shaft.The driving part is installed on the driving end shaft, and the thrust and shoulder should be designed to prevent the rotary drum from moving along the driving side and affecting the transmission.The driven end shaft can be an bare axis, which can freely expand and contract when the cylinder is thermally expanded in the axial direction. The shaft neck size of the driving end shaft and the driven end shaft at the bearing support part should be the same. When rotary drum bearings are adopted, the structure of the locking nut should be considered at the shaft neck.The end structure of the shaft should be designed according to requirements on the inlet head and the piping of the heating medium into the barrel.

Packaging Info : standard carrier container
Payment Terms : Payment Type: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Cash.We help clients finance for a drum dryer.Then they can pay the price on installment.
Delivery Information : Leads:10 days
Product Specification
Brand Name : China ZJN
Model No : China ZJN
Material : stainless steel
Color : red or green
Size : 14*18*28M

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heating-smart rotary drum dryer? lifelong aftersales, nice prices

heating-smart rotary drum dryer? lifelong aftersales, nice prices

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