Hot blast valve

Hot blast valve

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Henan Shangfa Valve Co. Ltd

China Henan, China

Establish: 2010

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Product information

The new type of lining hot blast valve produced by our company breaks through the common problems existing in the valve at home and abroad, and integrates many revolutionary products with many patents. Its main technical characteristics are
?1?Full floating sealing technology for stainless steel or alloy catalytic valve stem. The utility model has the advantages of strict sealing, simple lubrication and low friction resistance, which can ensure that there is no leakage and maintenance during the life of the generation valve.
?2?. The fire resistant lining is fully covered in the part of the hot air flow through the inner cavity of the valve body. The antioxidant capacity of each part is synchronized.
?3?. For the cooling of the sealing surface of the valve body, the elliptical asymmetric water cavity structure is proposed creatively, which not only has high strength and good stiffness, especially without weld exposure, but also adds advanced floating grinding technology, even if the valve water pressure and water quantity can not meet the normal requirements in a short time, it can ensure the normal use of the valve door, and will not be damaged in a short period of time.
?4?. The explosive composite technology is used to improve the oxidation resistance of the valve plate.

Size of product?DN800?2200
Applicable temperature??1350??DN700?DN1300?
Adaptation medium: hot air, flue gas, gas
Nominal pressure?0.30MPa?DN700?DN900?
Opening and closing differential pressure??0.01MPa

Common hot blast valve
Suitable for medium and small blast furnace matching hot blast furnace system. Used as hot air valve, backflow rest valve, combustion valve, mixed air valve, flue valve, etc. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, large cooling water cavity and low water quality requirements, and is economical and affordable.
Drive mode: hydraulic (model: LR742W?H?, electric (model: LR942W?H?, manual, can also be configured according to user requirements
specifications of the products:DN300-DN1300
Applicable temperature:?1100?
Adaptive media:hot air, flue gas, gas
nominal pressure:0.25-0.40Mpa
Opening and closing differential pressure:0.01MPa
Material: Q235,20G,Special heat resistant steel

Packaging Info : plywood cases
Payment Terms : LC, TT
Delivery Information : 30 days
Product Specification
Brand Name : Shangfa
Model No : LR44R
Material : cast steel
Color : blue
Size : DN500-2200

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Hot blast valve

Hot blast valve

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